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Welp, here goes.....not sure how I'll do at this but I'll give it a whirl! Hope you enjoy. "Yearning to be Average" has to do with my desire & goal to just be an average size person.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On Top of the World?!

Okay so maybe I'm not feeling that good...but I am feeling pretty great these days!  I've been super consistent with my eating.  Still logging everything into My Fitness Pal - that helps me a LOT! And I've tried to get some form of exercise every day.  I did miss a day over the weekend due to the holiday.  And I still am not getting to the gym every morning during the week like I used to -- 3:45am comes early!  I did go this morning however, and killed my legs/back workout!  I know the morning workouts will be easier with warmer weather.  I have still been walking a lot in the afternoons when possible to supplement and that is definitely helping. 

I've had 2 weigh-ins since I really started back with my plan and have lost weight at each weigh-in.  3 pounds at the first one, 2 pounds at the second one.  I probably won't weigh myself again until this Friday, so hoping for another 2 pounds.  As it stands right now, I have 14 to get back to where I want to be.  It's within reach!  At least in a couple months I hope?  Haha 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tag Team-ing it Up!

It's always nice to have a workout partner....someone who enjoys the same things you do, who pushes you and motivates you.  I will say, even though Jerry wasn't the *best* husband (haha), he was a great workout partner.  I've gotten used to doing runs on my own and workouts in the last year and a half.  To the point it seems normal to me.  My boyfriend Rob, is not a runner.  And that is fine!  He and I have a lot in common -- I had lost 85 lbs, he had lost 70 lbs around the same time I did, though we didn't know each other at the time.

So we can totally relate to each other and to the struggles with boredom eating, not working out, getting stuck in a rut, etc.  Since we began dating, we have both gained some weight back....I like to attribute that to the fact that I am happy.  Haha.  Generally speaking, I am happy....with many areas of my life.  I think to the point that I got content...and lazy...and relaxed.  Too much!  He has done the same thing.  It creeps up on you, until you notice your jeans are too tight, shirts are a little snug, etc.

He told me he had gained weight and he was concerned I wouldn't be happy with how he looked...truth be told, I didn't realize he had gained weight until I saw an older picture of him from when we first started dating and I realized it was true.  Same for me - although I already knew it because of how my clothes fit.  Oh and the scale.  Haha!

For just over a week now, Rob has been back in his healthy eating routine and working out.  He is an extremely competitive person -- I mean college scholarship level tennis player when he was in high school competitive.  He is super focused when there is something he wants to do.  That can be good and bad.  For this purpose, it is good!  We live about 25 mins apart so we really can't work out together too often....but we are both using My Fitness Pal and are friends on there so we really keep each other accountable that way.  It's nice to have someone to share this part of my life with; especially him.  <3

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Trails....To You....

Ahhh springtime!  I was finally able to get a run in on the bike path in Southington (only about 5-10 mins from me) on Sunday morning.  I was out of town Saturday so made the plan to get a run in, if the weather cooperated, on Sunday.  Thankfully, it did so I got 3 miles in.  True to form, I ran it in just under 30 minutes. I always run a 10-minute mile, no matter whether I try to go faster or slower.  That's just my speed, I suppose. 

I felt great and even took a walk in the afternoon for a little extra cardio. 

I fell off the wagon for a few days after bringing in the troops (going to the casino, I've discovered, is tough -- free food and lots of it!) But I am firmly back in my routine now, counting calories and drinking lots of water and getting exercise most days.  If I don't get to the gym early in the morning, I try to get a walk/run in during the afternoon.

My goal is to lose about 15 pounds and fit into my summer shorts! (I can wear them for now but they are a little snug!) haha