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Welp, here goes.....not sure how I'll do at this but I'll give it a whirl! Hope you enjoy. "Yearning to be Average" has to do with my desire & goal to just be an average size person.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zoo-eee Mama!

(Hopefully you've seen Diary of a Wimpy Kid).  lol

So I went to zumba tonight and had a great time!  It was a new class at a sports-type place here in town, sometimes during the winter Isaiah's baseball team would practice indoors there.  Of course, during the summer business is slower so they've begun adding zumba classes on Friday nights.  Fridays have been no good for me as Isaiah has had baseball games most Friday nights the past few months.

Tonight was their first Tuesday class....I went with my friend Lisa from baseball and Isaiah's 6th grade homeroom teacher (also a baseball mom on a younger team in town), was there too!  Our instructor was a newbie as well.  There were about 10 of us in the class so not many opportunities to hide (ha!).  I definitely got a good workout and sweated buckets, as per usual for me.  One positive thing, I got a good workout but I can tell such a difference in my cardio fitness from the last time I did zumba...I was sweating and getting my heart rate up but I was not winded.  I enjoyed it and am planning to go back Thursday for another class. 

I did weights this morning at the gym, then zumba, of course, tonight. Tomorrow is a regular run day for me...I guess we'll see tomorrow if I have any effects from doing zumba the night before a run. 

Totally off-topic but one thing that is encouraging me.....when I started this journey, I stated some goals I had....to be an 'average' size, to run a 5k, to lose 80-90 pounds.  As I look back on that post, I realize how close I am to reaching those goals!  I've lost 61 pounds to date, I've run one 5k  and would like to do more (still have the big one to go in September!), and am moving down in my clothing sizes.  More importantly, I am in much better health than I was 8 months ago....and that is what I have told Jerry all along....I didn't want to just lose the weight, I wanted to become more healthy.  I'm excited to see that happening! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Zumba - part deux

So wish me luck -- I'm planning on heading to zumba class tomorrow night!  We'll try this again.  It's at a different place here in town and they've just begun zumba recently.  A friend of mine from baseball and I are going so that will make me feel more comfortable (I hope!)  Will keep you posted how it goes.  I figure it'll be a great way to add in some extra cardio.  Weigh-in is Thursday, I'm hoping for a 2-lb loss, we'll see though.  I've had a lot of interruptions this time with my workouts....I've been a little sick (summer cold - blech), early baseball games, and being at work until 1:30am for a party.  :(  So we shall see!  I'm still going regularly, just have had a few missed days here and there, which is unusual for me. 

Wish me luck at zumba!  Hope I remember my shoes this time.  Haha!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weigh-In, Wear & Tear

So I won't keep you "weight"ing (haha -- really bad joke)...... I did have weigh-in this morning and (drumroll..........)  I lost 3 more pounds!  61 altogether and I'm into a new 'decade' of numbers.  lol Woo-hoo!!! 

Workouts have been pretty consistent, I'm still doing cardio 2 days, weights 1 day, cardio 2 days, and so on.  It's working well.  Weights were not my favorite thing in the beginning, mostly because I felt like I should be doing cardio every chance I got, to keep losing weight.  I know logically in my head that weight training also burns calories and helps tone, but it's that psychological feeling of having lots of sweat from a good run and feeling like you've accomplished something.  I'm feeling better though now after doing weights, knowing I'm toning and seeing results.  Usually every week I'm moving up a bit in weights and I am seeing the results so that's a good thing!

After working out consistently for a long time (well 7 months straight), it has taken a toll on my body.  Not in a bad way but I do have little bumps & bruises and issues.  Haha!  Right now I have a black & blue toenail, a couple bruises on my legs and the best one -- a little rash on the inside crease of my elbows!  Yuck!  lol  I think it's from the sweat that builds up there while I run (I told you I'm a sweating fool!)  Of course I shower after my runs but it is a small rash.  I put athlete's foot cream on it last night (Jerry's recommendation) and it seemed to help already.  My feet are a hot mess.....I desperately need a pedicure but I'm almost embarrassed to go get it, I almost feel like I need a pedicure before my pedicure!  Haha!  Like I said, I have a black & blue tonail and it's sore so I'd rather wait until that is resolved before going for my pedicure.  All that being said, these are 'bumps and bruises' that I don't mind...they're almost like battle scars, I'm proud of them because they are a result of my hard work! 

Food-wise I'm doing well, except I decided that I can't buy the chocolate covered pomegranates for a while.  Haha  I did well with portioning them out in a little snack bag to take to work....only problem was, when I got home I'd also have a handful here, a handful there, which is no good.  So for me, it's easier to just not have them here for a while!   Other than that I'm doing well, taking good snacks to work, watching my portions and making good choices. 

Next weigh-in is June 30th! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stay tuned...

I'm still here!  (Hi, Mom!)  :)   Just haven't had a whole lot to say and wanted to wait until my weigh-in tomorrow (June 16th) to post more in-depth. I did weigh in on June 2nd and lost 2 more, up to 58 total officially.  Hoping for good results tomorrow.  To be continued......   :)