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Welp, here goes.....not sure how I'll do at this but I'll give it a whirl! Hope you enjoy. "Yearning to be Average" has to do with my desire & goal to just be an average size person.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Checking in...

Not a whole lot to report here, just in my normal routine of working out.  I'm currently at 83 pounds lost, it has slowed way down but that's okay. People at work tell me I don't need to lose anymore, though I could be happy with maybe 10 more (although it would be nice to lose 17 more and officially be at 100 -- there's something psychologically pleasing about that).  lol 

I'm currently training for my first half-marathon -- hoping to be able to run the NYC half-marathon in March.  I'm sure I can physically be prepared, it's more a question of whether we get in or not.  Of course, being in NYC it's pretty popular and we're not guaranteed entry.  We'll enter the lottery and cross our fingers.  It would stink if one of us got in and the other didn't!  lol   If for some reason we don't get in, there's the one in Brooklyn in May we can do.  We ran 9 miles both last week & the week prior -- planning to do our long distance run this weekend, hoping to do 10.  I felt pretty good last time, worst part was having to go to the bathroom during the run -- thankfully, at one point on the trail we run behind the ambulance company Jerry works at part-time so we ducked in there to use the facilities.  lol

We went to Jerry's firehouse Christmas party/dinner this past weekend, had a GREAT time.  I laughed so much my face literally hurt from smiling/laughing so much.  Of course any night out is an excuse for a new outfit/sweater!  Haha 

This next one, Jerry made me do.  lol  He said he wants to submit it to bodybuilding.com....(I don't think so, Gerardo!)  lol  It was funny though. 

Would love to be at 85 pounds when I go home for Christmas, we shall see!