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Welp, here goes.....not sure how I'll do at this but I'll give it a whirl! Hope you enjoy. "Yearning to be Average" has to do with my desire & goal to just be an average size person.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Do I look different?

I sure FEEL different!  Most of you know I lost my dad on January 19th.  :(  It's the strangest thing, my first day back to work I just felt like a different person...like every person who called me on the phone or came into the office could tell just by looking at me that my dad had passed away.  Even strangers.  Very bizarre.  Literally every day since he died I have thought, "I should call Dad!" or "Dad would love that joke - I should tell it to him!"  I'm sure that will take a while to subside.

My dad was one of my most favorite people in the world....no exaggeration.  I enjoyed spending time with him, I loved talking on the phone to him.  A lot of times I would call him from work (long-distance is included in our plan at work, no worries).  lol  I would call him just to say hello and catch up....he ALWAYS made me feel special, he ALWAYS let me know he was glad to hear from me.  From the way he said, "well, hi Sugar!"  Or "I love you a bunch."  I KNEW I was loved....and that means so very much.  I know I've been blessed to have had him for 35+ years.  Many people dream of having a dad and a pappaw to their children like him and I'm thankful. 

Without knowing it, my dad was a huge motivator in me beginning my journey to weight loss.  So many times over the years, he would ask me to get my cholesterol checked, my blood pressure checked, to go to the doctor,etc.  I didn't necessarily listen right away (ha!) but his words did stick with me.  It made me so happy to know he was relieved and thrilled at my progress along the way.  Recently, at the beginning of December, I did make my Dr. appointment for a physical and got a complete workup - cholesterol, blood pressure, risk for diabetes, etc. and it was all EXCELLENT.  I couldn't WAIT to call Dad that day to let him know!  I know it made him feel so much better that I had taken away so many risks of things he's had issues with.  Things, I might add, that he no longer suffers from - diabetes, swollen legs/feet, cardiac issues.  He is WHOLE and he is HEALTHY! I'm SO thankful for that.