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Welp, here goes.....not sure how I'll do at this but I'll give it a whirl! Hope you enjoy. "Yearning to be Average" has to do with my desire & goal to just be an average size person.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Struggles & Small Victories

My last weigh-in was April 7th, as I said in the last post.  During the next week period I had probably the roughest week I've had since I began this journey!  This time of year is the absolute craziest at work -- Easter and our Greek Festival is coming up!  It's always Mother's Day weekend -- it's one of my most favorite times but it's also the most stressful.  So much of the planning falls onto my shoulders, even if they at the church don't put the load there, I feel it by putting it there myself.  I want everything to go smoothly and it to be a success so badly.  It's also been a little stressful at home with Isaiah  playing on the middle school baseball team and his regular town team -- plus his regular town team is playing in 2 leagues this year!  Gah!  lol  I love every minute of it but it does take a toll after a while.

So needless to say, that week was a struggle.  I had more cravings than I've had in a lonnnnng time and my workouts seemed to be a struggle to even complete.  I missed days at the gym because of our weekend away, overslept one day, etc.  All in all it was just a tough time.  Because we're getting close to the Greek Festival, the older women at church are baking quite a bit and they are always giving me samples of the cookies/pastries.  That's dangerous!  I'm usually pretty good about turning them down, but one lady brought me a whole package of koulourakia (my favorite Greek cookie).   I think I had eaten 10 by the time I got home that day.  lol  Yikes!  But I did share them with Jerry & Isaiah and my friends at baseball so at least I didn't eat the whole package.

By the time my weigh-in day arrived (April 21st), I was bracing myself for the worst.  At that point I was hoping I just maintained, that I hadn't gained weight.  Surprisingly, I actually lost 2 more pounds! (53 total).  Who knew!  Haha.  So while it wasn't a higher amount lost, I was excited to have lost 2 pounds after the 2 weeks I had.  That was a victory. And that small victory gave me the push and motivation to keep it up and to have an even better workout that morning.  I feel a renewed energy and motivation now. I took yesterday (Friday) off because I know for the next 2 weeks I'll be able to hit the gym almost every day.   I went this morning and had a great workout -- did some interval training on the treadmill then hit the elliptical for 10 minutes.  480 calories in 42 minutes....not too shabby!

26 pounds to my next goal!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Humming Along...

Not a whole lot new to report here!  Just plugging away, hitting the gym most mornings and being pretty consistent with good food choices and a treat now and then.

I weighed in last Thursday, April 7th and had lost 3 more pounds for a total of 51 so far!!  The weight I am now is one I have not been at in MANY years.....at least before Isaiah was born (almost 13 years ago) and probably even longer.  I can't even remember. My first goal with this journey was to reach 50 pounds so I have now reached that.  The next goal is 79 pounds...mainly because that will put me at an even number (my weight) and I have OCD.  Haha!!

Had a small victory this past weekend.....we went away to Newburgh, NY for Isaiah's baseball tournament.  He really didn't need to be there until Saturday afternoon but a few friends were heading there on Friday evening just for fun, to let the boys swim, go out to dinner, etc.  so we decided to as well.  The hotel was a bit pricier than we usually spend but since we're not going anywhere during Spring Break, we decided to bite the bullet and go.  We had a GREAT time!  Went out to dinner Friday evening with friends and then back to the hotel to relax and hang out by the pool (for many baseball friends that also means drink LOTS of beer, SO not something I'm into...I'm such a bad Irish girl).  lol    Anyway....we were up a bit later than usual on Friday night (anything past 9pm is late for us these days) but we got up on Saturday morning and hit the treadmill at the hotel!  That's the first time I've EVER done that.  I loved it!  Felt so proud of myself for continuing my new lifestyle & healthy choices, even while on a 'mini-vacation.'  I made good food choices while there as well and found a new treat!  My friend Anita recently had some dark chocolate-covered pomegranates at baseball practice and they are SO good!!  It's perfect for a sweet treat without too many calories.  A serving size is 180 calories but a serving size is 20 pieces!  There's no way I'm eating 20 of them.  lol  I usually will have 5 or 6 just to get that sweet craving satisfied.  We got them from BJ's (like a Sam's club or Costco).

We may possibly do another 5k this Saturday, we didn't register yet because we had to wait and see what time Isaiah's baseball games are this weekend but we found out now he may not play until Saturday evening. SO we may be able to run it after all!  It's very close by so no worries about that. 

Next weigh-in is April 21st, hoping to continue seeing results!  

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Things People Say....

People are funny!  Part of why I love my job is I get to interact with lots of people.....both Greek people and non-Greeks, older people & younger.  People fascinate me -- their personalities, quirks, backgrounds, everything!  I especially love hearing stories from the older Greek people at the Church I work about their youth, when they came over from Greece, etc.  They have some GREAT stories. 

I also love the kids at the Church, they're so welcoming and friendly, always saying, "Hi Carrie!" or "Hi Miss Carrie!"   One of my favorite kiddos is a little girl, Barbara....she is one of THE cutest kids I've ever seen, a little bit pudgy, dimples, she's adorable!!  A couple years ago she was in my office with her mom and she was looking at my pictures in my office.  I have an assortment of pics of my nieces & nephews, my husband, Isaiah, stepkids, etc.   So Barbara was asking me if I was married, if I had any kids, etc.  So I told her I had a little boy, but he wasn't so little anymore.  I showed her Isaiah's picture, and told her, "See?  That's MY baby!  That's Isaiah."   She looked at me quizzically and asked, "Why is he brown?"   Hahahahaha!!!  I busted out laughing while her mom wanted to crawl under the desk and hide.  I thought it was hilarious -- the innocence of a child!  And that's why I love kids.  lol

So where am I going with this?  Hold your horses!  Haha!  When you lose a significant amount of weight, people's reactions are funny.  Some people are just outright complimentary, saying, "You look great!"  Other people seem to not have noticed at all and others say, "Have you lost weight? You look different."  I had someone ask me that and I gladly told them yes!  She said she was almost afraid to ask, not wanting to hurt any feelings -- she worried that by asking, she was implying that I had weight to lose in the first place.  I think growing up with 2 brothers and working in the job I do, I've learned to not be offended so easily.  After all, I've been told I look like a 'sloppy Irish', I look 'like a crazy lady,' etc. at work (again, gotta love older people!)  Ha!  So anyway, I would never be offended by that because obviously, I did have weight to lose!  I didn't realize how much this was obvious until I looked at a picture of myself from 6 months ago.  Just a short time ago!  It's a picture of Jerry & me on my birthday, we were going out for dinner and took a picture.  I look so puffy!  lol  Comparing that to the pic of me from my first 5k, you can tell a huge difference already! 

The other night I was at work for an event and saw quite a few people I hadn't seen in a while. One of the women who has seen me periodially over the last few months knows I've been working at losing weight.  She's noticed the changes, etc.  So she asks me Thursday night, "Carrie....are you sure you didn't have lap band surgery?"   LOL!!  Laughing, I said, "Ummm yes I'm sure, if I did have it I would've told you, silly!"  People are so funny! Not that I never considered Lap Band, Jerry & I actually talked about it last year. I told him I didn't want to do it yet, I knew in my head and heart that if I put my mind to it and worked hard enough, I could do it on my own. She said it just all seemed so drastic, (the weight loss), in a short time I guess, in her thinking.  But truly, I've averaged 10 pounds a month which I don't think is too drastic, each weigh-in (just about every 2 weeks), has been 2-3 or 4 pounds.  So I think it's been a nice & steady weight loss, one that will help me sustain it once I've reached my goal weight.  

So yes, people are funny.  That's why I love working the job I do!  Now to figure out how to respond when this one older gentleman says, "you look like sexy lady."  Hahaha!