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Welp, here goes.....not sure how I'll do at this but I'll give it a whirl! Hope you enjoy. "Yearning to be Average" has to do with my desire & goal to just be an average size person.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reality check

So today was weigh-in day....and for the first time in a long time, I didn't lose anything! I stayed the same weight. I guess it was like a reality check, a slap in the face, if you will.  Hmmm....I guess I can't snack however I want after all!  Haha  I've been working out the past couple weeks on a regular basis but I think if I'm being honest, I've slacked a little.  I've still gone to the gym but it's easy to tell myself, "you've run good for 30 minutes, no need to push yourself."  Or "hmmm I have time to do another 10 minutes of my workout but I'd rather get home and get my shower done, etc."  

I've become complacent and today's weigh-in showed me that. I know it's better than gaining weight but I'm not used to seeing no loss. I've been spoiled.  I need to get back on track and be more strict again.  That's not to say I'll starve myself but I know I need to watch more carefully what I'm snacking on, how often, how much, etc.  And Jerry really wants me to push more protein. 

Who knows....maybe I gained muscle, we added my strength training back in on Tuesday and I still feel the effects today...I'm still sore!  I'll hit the weights again tomorrow...I told Jerry I'd like to still have more of an emphasis on cardio, if for nothing else than it makes me feel better.  I'm planning to do 2 days of cardio, 1 day of weights, 2 days of cardio, etc.  Hopefully it will pay off for my next weigh-in on June 2nd!  I'm anxious to hit that 60-pound mark (4 pounds away) so we'll see how it goes!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Of baklava & birthdays.....

Yesterday was probably all of the best days rolled into one.....it was the last day of the Greek Festival at my job, it was Mother's Day, AND it was Isaiah's 13th birthday!  How much more can you pack into one day?!?

This time of year at work, as I've said, is the most stressful for me but it's also the most fun time of year.  It's truly a 'festive' time!  That was corny but it's true.  Ha!  Needless to say, I'm relieved it's over, though the day after the Festival ends is usually one of my least favorite days.  There's so many loose ends to tie up, 'thank you' letters to write, items to put back in their hiding places/cupboards/storage areas until next year.  It's like the big letdown, the day after Christmas. 

I did take 3 days off from the gym because of my long hours at the festival -- between Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, I was at work for 36 hours.  We figured my body could use the rest anyway.  I did weigh in on Thursday the 5th and lost 3 more pounds for a total of 56 thus far! 

A concern going into the Festival for me was to make sure I didn't lose focus and eat badly during those 4 days.  I did well!  I packed my food for the entire day pretty much and didn't have one gyro, one baklava, nothing!  I know that doesn't help the Church (haha) but it helped my fitness plan!  I did have some orzo with my lunch but that was it.  I packed lots of yogurts, protein bars, peanuts, pb&j sandwiches, etc. so I did really well.

I was able to get back to the gym today -- sure didn't feel like getting up but we went and I had a good run.   35 minutes of running, plus 3 minutes to warm up and a couple minutes after to cool down, 400+ calories burned!  Not too shabby.

I'm glad to get back into a routine and hope to have another good weigh-in on the 19th!